Winslow Name Meaning – Origins & Family History

The Winslow name has a rich history with deep meanings and symbolic significance. Understanding its origins and significance in family history can help individuals discover their own unique connection to the Winslow name. In this article, we will explore the Winslow name meaning, its origin, and how it has evolved over time, as well as its importance in genealogy and family identity.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Winslow name has deep symbolic significance and rich history
  • Exploring the origins of the name can help individuals understand their place in the Winslow lineage
  • Understanding the meaning of the name can provide insights into family identity
  • Winslow genealogy is a fascinating study with many notable individuals and connections
  • Statistical data can provide insights into the prevalence and distribution of the Winslow name

The Meaning Behind Winslow

The name Winslow holds significant meaning and cultural context. Its origin dates back to Old English, where “wins” means friend and “hlaw” means hill. The name can be interpreted as “friendly hill” or “hill of friends.”

Winslow is also associated with the Pilgrim Fathers, who sailed across the Atlantic in search of a new life in America. Edward Winslow was one of the first Pilgrims and played a crucial role in establishing the Plymouth Colony.

Today, the name Winslow evokes a sense of community and friendship while also honoring the bravery and tenacity of those who came before us.

The Origin of Winslow

If you’re curious about the geographical and historical origins of the Winslow name, look no further. The Winslow name originated in Old English, meaning “Wynne’s Hill”. The name dates back to the 10th century, with early records showing it was used as a surname in various parts of England, particularly East Anglia, Hampshire, and Somerset.

More specifically, Winslow is a locational name derived from a place called Winslow in Buckinghamshire, England. Other possible locations include Winslow in Wiltshire, Worcestershire, and Devon. The name also has a connection with the village of Winslow in the parish of Norton in Durham, in the north of England.

Interestingly, records indicate that the Winslow name was also used in Wales, with instances of Welsh individuals adopting the name for varying reasons, including matrimonial alliances and land ownership.

Overall, the Winslow name has a rich and diverse history that spans different regions and communities, and continues to be used by people worldwide today.


Defining Winslow

Winslow is a unique and distinguished surname with a clear definition. Historically, the name was associated with individuals hailing from the village of Winslow in Buckinghamshire, England. Over time, it evolved to denote a family or tribe descended from Winslow or who adopted the name as a surname. Today, the Winslow name remains a testament to one’s familial heritage and origins.

While the meaning of Winslow is specific, there are multiple interpretations and variations of the name that exist across different regions and cultures. However, regardless of its contextual nuances, the significance of the Winslow name always points back to its original definition and associations.

“The name Winslow derives from the Old English words “wynn” meaning ‘friend’ or ‘pleasure’ and “sloe” referring to the tree of the same name. When combined, the words suggest a location where sloe trees grow that bring pleasure and friendship.”

As the Winslow name has been passed down through generations, its meaning has inevitably evolved. Still, whether one’s family has roots in Buckinghamshire, America, or beyond, the Winslow name continues to hold significant value as a marker of identity and heritage.

Winslow as a Surname

The Winslow surname holds significant meaning among families who bear the name, tracing back through generations and contributing to their collective identity. It is a surname that has been passed down with pride and carries a sense of family heritage and tradition.

According to recent statistics, there are approximately 11,000 people in the United States with the Winslow surname. The name is most prevalent in Maine, Massachusetts, and Maryland, with smaller concentrations found in states such as California, Texas, and North Carolina.

StateNumber of Winslow Surnames
North Carolina451

The Winslow surname has a rich history that can be traced back to medieval England, where it first emerged as a locational surname, derived from the Old English words “winn” meaning “meadow” or “pasture,” and “hlaw,” meaning “hill.” It later spread to the United States and other parts of the world through immigration and individual migration.

Today, Winslow families continue to honor their heritage and preserve their family identity through various means, such as genealogical research, family reunions, and the passing down of family stories and traditions from one generation to the next.

Tracing Winslow Name History

Step back in time and discover the fascinating origins of the Winslow name. From its earliest known use to its modern-day incarnation, the Winslow name has undergone a unique and diverse journey through history.

Early uses of the name can be traced back to medieval England, where Winslows were known for their agricultural prowess and skilled craftsmanship. Over the centuries, the name spread throughout the United Kingdom and to the wider world, with Winslow families immigrating to America, Australia, and beyond.

Notable figures associated with the Winslow name include Edward Winslow, one of the passengers on the Mayflower and a central figure in the founding of Plymouth Colony, and Hubbard Winslow, a prominent physician and educator who helped establish the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Winslow Landmarks

The Winslow name has also been associated with several landmarks and locations. One of the most famous is Winslow, Buckinghamshire in England. This historic market town has been inhabited since prehistoric times and was a prominent center of trade and commerce in medieval England.

Winslow, Arizona, located on the famous Route 66, is another location bearing the Winslow name. Known for its association with the Eagles’ hit song “Take It Easy,” Winslow draws visitors from around the world to its picturesque streets and charming small-town atmosphere.

Winslow Name Variations

Throughout its history, the Winslow name has undergone various changes and variations. Some common variations include Winsloe, Wynslowe, and Wynslow. Understanding the many forms the name has taken over time can be a helpful tool for genealogists and researchers alike.

WinsloeEnglishFrom Winslow
WynsloweEnglishDweller at the winding stroam
WynslowEnglishDweller at the winding stroam

Exploring the many variations of the Winslow name can offer valuable insights into the history and evolution of the family line.

Join us as we continue to uncover the rich history and cultural significance of the Winslow name.

Winslow Genealogy

Tracing your family tree can be a rewarding and exciting process, and delving into the Winslow genealogy can offer a fascinating glimpse into the lives and legacies of your ancestors. From exploring family connections and branches to uncovering notable individuals within the Winslow lineage, there’s much to discover.

Famous Winslow Ancestors

One notable figure within the Winslow family history was Edward Winslow (1595-1655), who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620 and played a key role in establishing the Plymouth Colony. Known for his diplomacy and leadership, Winslow wrote several accounts of his experiences, providing insight into early American history. Another famous Winslow descendant was Admiral Bert H. Winslow (1876-1943) of the US Navy, who was known for his valiant service during both World Wars.

Exploring Winslow Family Connections

The Winslow genealogy spans across borders and generations, with many individuals proudly tracing their lineage back to their Winslow ancestors. From New England to the United Kingdom and beyond, Winslow family connections can be found across the globe.

The Winslow Family Name Legacy

The Winslow family name has left a lasting legacy for many, with individuals across generations carrying on the family traditions and values. Whether through family heirlooms, tales passed down through the generations, or pride in their ancestry, the Winslow family name continues to hold significance for many.

Winslow Ancestry

The Winslow name carries a rich and diverse heritage that extends back through generations worldwide. Tracing the ancestry of Winslow families highlights the unique stories, migrations, and cultural connections that have formed this iconic surname over time.

RegionPercentage of Winslow Surname
United States35%
New Zealand3%

The majority of Winslow families can be traced back to England, where the name has deep roots in local communities and cultures. However, Winslow families have also scattered far and wide, moving to North America, Australia, and beyond, where they have formed new identities and cultural connections.

Exploring Winslow ancestry provides a fascinating insight into the ways in which families have evolved over time, embracing different cultural traditions and forging powerful emotional connections to their heritage and history.

The Winslow Family Name

The Winslow family name carries a rich history and legacy that has influenced individual identities and family pride among descendants. The surname can be traced back to its origins in specific regions and communities, where it symbolized noble attributes such as courage, strength, and leadership.

Throughout history, the Winslow family name has been associated with notable figures, including Edward Winslow, one of the Pilgrim Fathers who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620. Edward established himself as a prominent leader and diplomat, playing a significant role in the early settlements of Plymouth Colony and Massachusetts Bay Colony. His legacy has endured through generations, with many descendants still proudly carrying the Winslow family name today.

Beyond its historical roots, the Winslow family name continues to shape the identity and values of modern-day descendants. The name represents a shared heritage, cultural traditions, and family bonds that transcend time and distance.

Winslow Statistics

Did you know that the Winslow surname is most common in the United States, followed by England and Australia? According to recent statistics, approximately 14,710 people in the US bear the last name Winslow, making it the 2,866th most common surname in the country.

Interestingly, the popularity of the Winslow name has declined in recent years, with only 96 babies being named Winslow in 2020. This is a significant drop from the peak of the name’s popularity in the 1920s and 30s.

United States14,7102,866th

The Winslow name also has variations and derivatives, including Windslow and Wineslo. These variations are less common than the original spelling. Understanding the statistics behind the Winslow name can help us better understand its significance in family history and the broader cultural context.


In conclusion, the Winslow name is a significant part of family history and represents a rich ancestry that has been passed down through generations. With roots in various regions and communities, the Winslow surname has evolved over time, but its meaning and cultural significance remain a source of pride for those who bear the name.

Exploring the Winslow name’s genealogy reveals a diverse lineage of notable individuals and family branches that have contributed to shaping individual identities and shared values. Additionally, Winslow statistics provide insights into the name’s population distribution and frequency over time.

In essence, the Winslow name is more than just a surname; it represents a legacy and a connection to one’s family history. As such, it will continue to hold significance for generations to come.


What is the meaning behind the name Winslow?

The name Winslow derives from Old English and means “hill belonging to a friend” or “friend’s hill”.

Where does the name Winslow originate?

Winslow has its origins in England, specifically in the region of Buckinghamshire.

How is Winslow defined?

Winslow is a surname that signifies a connection to a hill or a region associated with friendship.

How significant is Winslow as a surname?

Winslow is a noteworthy surname that has been passed down through generations, contributing to family identity and heritage.

What is the history behind the name Winslow?

The history of the Winslow name includes notable figures, events, and landmarks associated with the surname throughout the years.

Can I trace my Winslow genealogy?

Yes, you can trace your Winslow genealogy to uncover family connections, branches, and notable individuals within the Winslow lineage.

What can I learn from Winslow ancestry?

Winslow ancestry allows you to explore your rich family heritage, tracing back through generations and discovering your diverse roots.

How has the Winslow family name influenced identities?

The Winslow family name has played a role in shaping individual identities, family pride, and shared values among descendants.

Are there any Winslow statistics available?

Yes, statistical data related to the Winslow name includes information on population distribution, frequency, and variations over time.

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