Carys Name Meaning: Origins & Significance

In this article, we will explore the origins, significance, and history of the beautiful Welsh name Carys. The name has been growing in popularity as a baby name, and its meaning has captivated parents around the world. We will delve into the deep meaning behind the name Carys, its cultural significance, and much more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Carys is a Welsh name with a rich history and cultural significance.
  • The meaning of the name Carys is rooted in love and derives from the Welsh word “caru.”
  • Carys has been increasing in popularity as a baby name in recent years.
  • The pronunciation of Carys is “KAH-ris” with the emphasis on the first syllable.
  • The name Carys has been embraced in modern society and has produced several notable individuals.

The Origins of the Name Carys

The name Carys has its roots in Welsh tradition and is derived from the Welsh word “caru”, which means love. The name, therefore, translates to “love” or “beloved”. Its origins can be traced back to medieval Wales when naming conventions were heavily influenced by the language and culture of the region.

Welsh names often have a deep significance and embody the values and beliefs of the Welsh people. Carys, with its connection to love, is no exception. The name conjures feelings of affection, warmth, and tenderness, making it a popular choice for parents.

Throughout history, the name Carys has been influenced by various cultures, languages, and traditions. It has been adapted to different spellings, such as Caryss, Karis, and Karys to suit different regions and languages. However, its original Welsh roots remain strong and continue to be celebrated.


The Meaning Behind Carys

The name Carys holds a deep meaning in Welsh culture, where it originated. Carys means “love” or “beloved” in Welsh, and this definition emphasizes the value of love and affection in relationships and interactions with others. Carys reflects a warm and compassionate nature, signifying tenderness, kindness, and empathy. Those named Carys often embody these qualities and are respected for their caring and affectionate disposition.

Furthermore, the name Carys carries historical and cultural significance, embodying Welsh tradition and roots. It represents the heritage and historical context that surrounds the name, recognizing the importance of history and identity in shaping personal and societal values. Naming your child Carys can instill a sense of pride in their heritage and a commitment to honor and uphold cultural traditions.

“Carys represents a warm and compassionate nature, signifying tenderness, kindness, and empathy.”

Carys Name Popularity

The name Carys has been gaining popularity in recent years, particularly in the United Kingdom and the United States. In the UK, Carys is ranked #499 in popularity for baby girl names according to BabyCentre.

In the US, Carys is not as popular as it is in the UK but has been steadily growing in popularity since 2000. According to the Social Security Administration, in 2020, Carys ranked #1564 in popularity for baby girl names, up from #1856 in 2019.

Compared to other names, Carys is still considered a relatively unique choice for parents. Its popularity can be attributed to its beautiful sound and rich Welsh history and culture.

Pronunciation of Carys

If you’re considering naming your child Carys, it’s essential to know how to pronounce it correctly. The name Carys is a Welsh name, and the correct pronunciation is “KAH-riss.” The “K” sound is essential, and the emphasis is on the first syllable.

The name can be tricky to pronounce for non-Welsh speakers, but with practice, you’ll master the phonetic nuances and accent patterns. If you’re unsure about the correct pronunciation, many online tools can help you hear the name spoken by natives.

Did you know that the name Carys is often confused with the similar-sounding name “Charis”? While both names share a similar pronunciation, Charis is of Greek origin and means “graceful” or “kindness.”

Remember to say the name Carys with confidence and pride, and teach others how to say it correctly. When pronounced correctly, Carys has a beautiful and musical quality that is sure to impress.

Carys in Welsh Tradition

Carys is a Welsh name that has been deeply rooted in Welsh tradition for centuries. This name represents the values and ideals that are dear to the Welsh culture, such as kindness, peace, and serenity. In Welsh, Carys means love or beloved, and it embodies the affection and respect that the Welsh people have for their land, language, and heritage.

The Symbolism of Carys

The name Carys is rich in symbolism, reflecting Wales’ long cultural history. The name is symbolic of the strength, beauty, and courage of Welsh people. Like many Welsh names, Carys is associated with nature and the landscape of Wales, which is known for its stunning mountains, hills, and valleys. Additionally, the name Carys is often associated with the red dragon, an emblem of Wales, and symbolizes strength, power, and courage.

Carys and Welsh Heritage

Welsh people hold great pride in their traditions and cultural heritage, and the name Carys plays an essential role in this heritage. This name has been passed down through generations of Welsh families, and it carries deep respect and admiration for Welsh history and identity. Moreover, the name Carys represents the survival of Welsh culture through centuries of political turmoil, and it embodies the resilience and strength of the Welsh people.

“Carys is not just a name; it is a part of Welsh identity and an expression of Welsh pride.” – Gwyneth, Welsh historian

Carys in Modern Times

The name Carys has gained popularity in recent years, especially in the United Kingdom and the United States. Many parents are drawn to the name for its unique sound, Welsh roots, and beautiful meaning. In modern times, the name Carys is often associated with creativity, intelligence, and kindness.

One notable individual named Carys is Carys Zeta Douglas, daughter of actors Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. The name Carys is also a popular character name in literature, movies, and television shows.

“Carys means love in Welsh, and I love her more than anything else in the world.” – Catherine Zeta-Jones, talking about her daughter.

Overall, the name Carys embodies a sense of modernity and uniqueness while also honoring its rich Welsh heritage.

Famous Individuals Named Carys

The name Carys has been a popular choice among notable individuals throughout history. Here are some famous Carys:

Carys DaviesAuthorWinner of the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award, and the Society of Authors’ Olive Cook Award.
Carys Parry JonesSingerWelsh singer and actress, best known for her role in the television series Rownd a Rownd.
Carys RowlandsModelPopular Welsh-born fashion model who has graced the pages of international magazines like VogueGrazia and Harper’s Bazaar.

These are just a few examples of the many talented individuals who have shared the name Carys. It’s clear that the name has been associated with great accomplishments and creativity, making it a wonderful choice for parents seeking inspiration for their child’s name.

Variation and Similar Names to Carys

If you love the name Carys but want to explore other options, there are variations and similar names worth considering:

CharisGreekGrace, kindness
KarysWelshBeloved, dear one
CarynWelshLove, pure

Each name has its own unique interpretation of the concept of grace and love, making them excellent alternatives to Carys. Selecting a baby name can be a challenging task, so taking time to explore different options is a great idea.

Naming Your Baby Carys

If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful name for your baby girl, Carys may be the perfect choice. This Welsh name has a rich history and deep cultural significance, making it a meaningful and distinctive option for parents-to-be.

When choosing a name like Carys, it’s essential to consider the impact it will have on your child’s life. The name you give your child can shape their identity and influence how they are perceived by others. With its strong and positive connotations, the name Carys has the potential to help your child stand out in a meaningful way.

One thing to keep in mind when naming your child Carys is that it may not be a name that everyone is familiar with. While this can be a positive thing, it’s important to consider how your child may feel about having a unique name. Some children may embrace their distinctive name, while others may wish for a more common name. Weighing the potential pros and cons can help you make an informed decision.

Here’s a summary of the key factors to consider when naming your baby Carys:

Meaning and Significance

The name Carys has a rich history and deep cultural significance in Welsh tradition. It means “love” or “beloved” and is thought to represent the love between a parent and child. Choosing a name like Carys can convey your love and affection for your child, making it a meaningful choice.

Pronunciation and Spelling

The pronunciation of Carys is “KA-riss” or “KA-ris,” with the emphasis on the first syllable. The spelling may be unfamiliar to some, but it’s relatively easy to pronounce once you know how.

Uniqueness and Distinction

Carys is not a common name, which can be a positive thing for some parents looking for a unique and distinctive name for their child. However, it’s important to consider how your child may feel about having a name that not everyone is familiar with.

Simplicity and Ease

While the name Carys is unique and distinctive, it’s also relatively simple and easy to spell and pronounce. This can make it a practical choice for parents who want a name that is both beautiful and straightforward.

Ultimately, the decision to name your baby Carys is a personal one. By considering the factors above and weighing the potential pros and cons, you can make an informed choice that feels right for you and your family.


In conclusion, naming your baby Carys can be a meaningful and significant decision. This Welsh name carries a rich history and cultural significance that can add depth and character to your child’s identity. The name Carys signifies love, compassion, and generosity, making it a beautiful choice for parents looking to instill positive values in their children. We hope this article has shed some light on the origins, meaning, and popularity of the Carys baby name. Whether you choose to name your child Carys or explore similar names, remember the importance of selecting a name that holds significance and meaning for your family.


What Does the Name Carys Mean?

Carys is a Welsh name that means “love” or “beloved.” It embodies affection, tenderness, and compassion.

What Is the Origin of the Name Carys?

The name Carys originates from Wales. It is derived from the Welsh word “caru,” which means “to love.”

Is Carys a Popular Baby Name?

Carys has gained popularity in recent years. While it may not be as widely used as some other names, it is favored by parents who appreciate its unique sound and meaningful nature.

How Do You Pronounce Carys?

Carys is pronounced as “KAH-ris.” The emphasis is on the first syllable, and the “a” is pronounced as the “a” in “cat.”

What Role Does Carys Play in Welsh Tradition?

Carys is deeply rooted in Welsh tradition and culture. It symbolizes love and affection, values that hold great importance in Welsh heritage.

Has the Name Carys Been Embraced in Modern Times?

Yes, the name Carys has gained popularity in modern times. Its unique sound and meaningful connotations have made it an attractive choice for parents seeking an uncommon yet significant name for their child.

Are There Famous Individuals Named Carys?

While there are no widely known celebrities named Carys, there are individuals who bear this name and have made notable contributions in various fields.

Are There Similar Names to Carys?

Some names that are similar to Carys include Caris, Cerys, and Karis. These names may share similar meanings or have Welsh origins like Carys.

Should I Consider Naming My Baby Carys?

Naming your baby Carys is a personal choice. Consider the meaning and significance behind the name, as well as how it aligns with your cultural heritage and personal preferences.

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